What is the success rate of treatment in the Gat-Goren Method?
Based on the experience of more than 1,800 patients it can be said that some 80% of patients with deteriorating sperm production, we see significant improvement..

Is it possible to restore sperm production when a man's body does not produce them at all?
In azoospermic patients some 30-40% will be improved, at least partially, if genetic factors are excluded.

How long does it take for the treatment to
have an effect?

Increased sperm production is evident within 3-6 months.
In more complex cases - improvement is expected with 12-18 months.

My spouse and I are trying to have a baby but do not succeed. What can we do?
It is recommended that you both get examined for fertility with specialist physicians, before starting any kind of treatment.

We have children, but we cannot have
another child. What can we do?
If the woman does not suffer from infertility, there is a 90% chance for sperm production that is deteriorating gradually in the course of years. You may need a treatment.
Intermediate solution: fertilization through intrauterine insemination, or with in-vitro fertilization - depending on the quantity and quality of your sperm cells.

I am a young bachelor suffering from infertility.Should I be treated in the Gat-Goren Method?
Yes, after consulting an andrologist (male fertility specialist), since infertility may deteriorate with time.

I have been undergoing fertility treatments for 5 years, to no avail.
I suspect my husband has a problem but he refuses to get examined. What can I do?
Dozens of thousands of men (in Israel only) suffer from the same problem.
This is an excellent opportunity to tell men: go and get examined. You will probably save yourselves many
unnecessary treatments.

Does the treatment involve pain?
The treatment is painless and quite simple.
It does not require general anesthesia, surgery or hospitalization, and lasts only an hour and a
half (plus half an hour's rest).

Which tests should I take before deciding on having the treatment?
A standard blood count, testing of coagulation factors,

Can I have the treatment through my healthcare fund?
Healthcare funds in Israel do not subsidize the treatment,
since it is not included in the national list of health services ("the health basket").

Do insurance companies pay for the treatment?
Part of the Insurance companies cover a considerable part of the cost of the treatments, termed "treatment of Varicocele with transcatheter sclerothepay". It is recommended to study all articles of the policy thoroughly, since many health insurance policies do not cover fertility treatments.


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