The Gat Goren Method for Testosterone Problems

What is the common problem with testosterone?

Beginning at age 40, testosterone levels naturally start to decline with all male at a rate of 1-2% per year. Many of them experience a sharp decline of hormone production (up to 90%).

Dr. Yigal Gat and Dr. Menahen Goren have discovered that this sharp decline is the result of a mechanical dysfunction in the testicular drainage system (noted by the medical term "Varicocele)


What is this novel treatment?

During the treatment a catheter is inserted into the patient's body through the abdominal cavity. The catheter mechanically "locks" all damaged veins and the bypass-branches network in the testicles, thereby enabling the body to heal itself and improve self production of testosterone.

Treatment with this method is fairly simple, painless, without overall anesthesia, with no surgical procedures or need for hospitalization. The procedure lasts a mere hour and a half (not including half an hour of resting). Within 48 hours the patient can resume a normal sex life.


What is the result?

Within 1-2 weeks of treatment with the Gat-Goren method, testosterone production increases in some 70% of cases.

It is important to note that unlike current procedures, the body resumes natural testosterone production until it reaches its normal capacity. Hundreds of patient who've successfully undergone the treatment report: cease of constant fatigue; enhanced physical strength of both bone and muscle; increased flexibility of joints; significant decrease in depression; increased vitality; stronger sexual urges; relief from dry skin in face and limbs; better concentration at work and enhanced memory.


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