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Amichai (64)

So, at age 64, the day came when I could not urinate easily.  The situation became intolerable.  I consulted three physicians and the last of these recommended that I undergo a complicated surgery. I was wary of the surgery because of the possible side effects.

Though I live far from Israel, I decided to travel there to undergo the Gat-Goren procedure.  I bought my plane ticket and arrived at their clinic.  The explanation of the cause of prostatic enlargement and the theoretical foundations of their treatment that were given to me were more logical than anything I had heard up till then.  I decided to have the treatment, there and then.

Five months later and I have managed to forget the anxiety I would feel before every night’s sleep or from long flights.  I no longer needed to stop drinking before a long trip.  And there are other positive changes in me as well—my condition before treatment left me feeling depressed, under pressure, and all that disappeared.  A feeling of well-being returned.

Thank you Drs. Gat and Goren.

I am leaving my email with you if any future patients would like to hear my story in the first person.

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More stories to come....


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