What is Varicocele

What is Varicocele?

Varicocele, is a mechanical malfunction in the testicular venous drainage system.
It causes reduced flow of Oxygen to the testicular tissue, which deteriorates sperm production. Except of some 5% of genetic factors or rare chronic diseases, Varicocele is defined as the main and central cause of Male infertility that is reversible in most cases.
The Testes produce sperms. They are placed in the lower part of the abdomen.
The drainage of the waste products, which are being produced by the testes (every organ produces waste products), flow via the testicular veins. These veins face two problems:
1. The drainage has to flow upwards, without active pump, against the gravity forces towards the Liver (for recycling), and the Heart.
2. They have to prevent the venous blood from back-flowing downwards to the testes in order to prevent damage to the process of sperm production.
The One way valves along the spermatic veins function to resolve these two mechanical problems. These valves are wearing out along the years and when they malfunction (manifested and diagnosed as Varicocele), lead to abnormal back-flow of renal waste products towards the testes. This phenomenon increases the venous pressure in the testicular tissue that eliminates normal Oxygen flow needed for normal sperm production. Sperm production deteriorates gradually with time.


Who Suffer from Varicocele?

Recent studies show that Varicocele is the cause of over 90% of infertile men. Varicocele may appear in age of 20 with prevalence that increases with age.
It is estimated that few hundred millions of men suffer from Varicocele.


How to diagnose Varicocele?

In all cases of abnormal sperm analysis it is recommended to try to detect varicocele by testicular UltraSound - Color Flow Doppler, by, professional and experienced radiologist.
Importantly, varicocele is a bilateral disease (Studies have shown that male fertility is preserved with only one healthy testis, therefore, problems in  male infertility indicates a bilateral testicular dysfunction). Note that technically it is very difficult to detect the right side varicocele by physical examination and even by UltraSound due to fluid dynamic problem in the right side (that is why the conventional surgery along decades treated the left side only, and also ignoring the network of small venous bypasses which causes the treatment to be partial only with very limited and temporarily results).
Hence, it is recommended performing professional test by Thermograph that assist to detect right side varicocele.


Gat Goren Method for Varicocele treatment

Gat Goren method, which is cited in the world leading medical literature, In some 80% of the cases stop the deterioration and leads to significant improvement in the sperm production. (see articles)
The method is based on Interventional radiology. Vein catheter is inserted in the lower abdomen (right groin - far from the sensitive area), with local anesthesia only.
The malfunctioned spermatic veins including the entire network of small bypasses (detected only by means of radiology), which eliminated normal oxygen flow, are gently occluded. Normal arterial flow to the sperm production site is resumed.
After some 3 months improvement in sperm production it is expected.
Firstly, in the concentration, then in motility and later on in the morphology (Sperms' form)/
Morphology is the crucial factor and the best marker for fertility capacity.


How does the process work for people coming from overseas?

The Gat Goren clinic in Israel accepts patients from all around the world. The clinic team makes considerable efforts to ensure that their timetable meets the needs of patients, and the time restrictions on those patients who have come from overseas. Therefore, the clinic takes care to ensure that responses are personal, discrete and convenient. This is done in a few simple steps:


For more information about catheterization for the treatment of male fertiltiy problems via the Gat Goren method, please contact the clinic.



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