Scientific publications

Gat, Y., Gornish, M., Belenky, A., Bachar, G.N
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embolization of the internal spermatic vein for the treatment
of varicocele in infertile men. Hum. Reprod.
(2004);19:2303-6. Editorial Comment in
J Urol.(2005) ;173(6):2079 READ

Gat Y, Bachar GN, Everaert K, Levinger U, Gornish M
Induction of spermatogenesis in azoospermic men after
internal spermatic veins embolization for the treatment of varicocele.
Hum. Reprod. (2005); 20:1013-1017.
Editorial Comment in J.Urol. (2005), Nov.174(5), 1942 READ

Gat Y., Chakraborty, J., Zukerman, Z., Gornish, M
Varicocele, Hypoxia, and Male Infertility; fluid mechanics
analysis of the impaired testicular venous
drainage system. Hum.Reprod. (2005); 20:2614-2619.
Editoial Comment in J.Urol. (2006), Apr.17(4), 1454. READ

Gat Y., Gornish, M., Chakraborty, J., Navon U., Bachar GN.,
Ben Shlomo I. Right Varicocele and Hypoxia: Crucial factors in
Male Infertility. Fluid mechanics analysis of the impaired testicular
venous drainage system. Reprod Biomed Online.
2006 Oct;13(4):510-5 READ

A Chapter in the Text-Book Andrology for the Clinician
Gat Y., Gornish M., 2006, Technical investigation including
imaging procedure for the detection of Varicocele. In: Schill,
Comhaire, Hargreave (eds.). Text Book of Andrology for the
Clinician. Springer Edition 2006, pp 447-453. READ


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